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Price: 2 000 RUR for adults, 1 800 RUR for children (5-12 year-old)


Hello, dear guests. We are happy to invite you in Karelia.

Our tourist center "Paints of Karelia" can offer you a tour around Central Karelia . 

10.00 - Departure from Petrozavodsk for a large suburban excursion program in Central Karelia. 

You will have a stop at the resort "Marcial Waters" - this is the first Russian resort located 60 km north from  Petrozavodsk. There in 1714 worker of Konchezero blast-furnace factory Ivan Ryaboev discovered a wonderful spring that cured his heart pain. Peter I founded it in 1719 on the basis of ferruginous mineral springs. Since then, the glandular water has been called "marcial". Peter I repeatedly came to be treated for a resort with his family and court nobles. You will have a unique opportunity to try the healing water from 3 sources, as well as to admire the church of the Apostle Peter, built in 1721 according to the design and drawings of the king himself.

You will visit the Kivach Falls, which is located on the territory of one of the oldest nature reserve of the Russian Federation. The Kivach waterfall is the most famous waterfall of Karelia, sung in Russian poetry as a "northern hero". The water of the Sun River, compressed by basaltic rocks, falls down from the 11-meter height with heavy streams, forming a powerful waterfall and creating an impressive noise. Kivach Waterfalls is the second large in Europe (the first one is Rhein Waterfalls). The height of the waterfalls is 10.7 meters. It is located on the river Suna in central part of Karelia Kivach is beautiful at any time of the year.

You will visit the Assumption Church in the Kondopoga city – the monument of  Northern wooden architecture, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Opolovnikov wrote in his book "Wood and Harmony": "There are no equal among the wooden hipped churches, although there are no radical differences from them. Amazing and unique in its own way, this church is a swan song of folk architecture, sung with such deep force that after it any sound seems weaker and not more powerful. " The Assumption Church strikes by its height (42 meters). It is considered to be the most perfect among Russian octahedron buildings. It is located on the cape in the Onego lake.

You will stroll along the frozen lava of the volcano Girvas. In the vicinity of the village of Girvas there is an ancient volcano of the same name, whose age is estimated at more than 3 billion years. Active in the distant past, the natural source of magma today is an important geological monument of federal significance. Since the discovery of the volcano has passed for several decades, but the interest of researchers and tourists to this natural object is only increasing. Perhaps this volcano once again will go into the active phase, because scientists are not yet able to uniquely predict the behavior of natural forces.

2 000 RUR for adults
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Вулкан Гирвас
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