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Duration: 5 days /4 nights

Price: 36 200 RUR for adults, 30 650 RUR for children (5-12 year-old)


We suggest you an exciting journey to the region of ethnic Veps, Karelians and Sami.

  • Sholtozero village, located on the shores of Onego Lake
  • Valaam – the pearl of North Lake Ladoga region
  • The church of  Assumption in Kondopoga city
  • Kivach Falls, which was berhymed by Gavrila Romanovich Derzhavin
  • The first Russian resort “Marcial waters”, was founded by Peter the Great edict
  • Girvas volcano and the fabulous Sampo mountain
  • Unitskaya bay – one of the most picturesque places in Karelia


1st day. “The old traditions and ceremonies of Karelians”

7.00 – 9.00 meeting at the railway station Petrozavodsk  (the tablet “Colours of the World”)

Ethnic breakfast with the participation of national ensemble

10.00 Departure and stay in the historical village Sheltozero (8h with the way time)

The historical village Sheltozero is situated on the south-west shores of Onego Lake, 80 km from Petrozavodsk.  This village is the capital of Veps world (Veps are indigenous Karelian communities, descended from the ancient tribe «ves’»,  who lived in pre-Christian times.)

You will have an amazing opportunity to connect with the history of Vepsians, visiting The Rjurik Lonin Museum of Veps Ethnography in Sheltozero.

Dinner in Karelian traditions.

18.00 Arrival in Petrozawodsk. Hotel accommodation.

Supper. Free time.


2nd day. “Valaam – the pearl of North Lake Ladoga region”

Breakfast in the hotel.

9.00 Departure from Petrozavodsk for Sortavala city.

13.00 Departure from the quay (by «meteor») for the island Valaam (way time – 50 m on Lake Ladoga)

Arrival to the monastic bay of Valaam.

According to the legend, Monastery was founded by Greek monks, Sergius and Herman  in the times of the Conversion of Russia. It is not clear when the monastery was founded. As the cloister is not mentioned in documents before the 16th century, different dates - from 12th to 15th centuries - have been expounded. In the cathedral you can study the history of Monastery’s foundation, come up to its main holy sites: shrine with the relics of cell’s founders – venerable Herman and Sergius of Valaam; relics of venerable Antip, The Valaam Icon of the Mother of God (painted by hieromonch Alipi) and others.

The excursion in the Monastery includes:

- visiting the central backyard and the main cathedral of the Monastery, the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour, where the relics of Montery’s founders repose and The Valaam Icon of the Mother of God is housed.

- «Valaam Chant» - the concert of Valaam choirmen.

- Dinner in the fratry.

- The way to The Big Nicon’s bay.

- Walking excursion “Valaam Sketes” – The Ressurection (Red) Skete, where according to the legend St. Andrew the Apostle in the pagan temple erected a cross, The Gethsemane Skete with The Garden of Gethsemane, Mount Eleon, from where you can enjoy picturesque views of Valaam and Ladoga Lake.

18.00 Departure from Nicon’s bay.

19.00 Return to the quay in Sortavala. Return to Petrozavodsk by bus.

23.20 Arrival to the hotel in Petrozavodsk.


3rd day. Central Karelia Brands.

Breakfast in the hotel.

10.00 Departure for the big out-of-town sightseeing excursion in Central Karelia

You will visit the Assumption Church – a wonderful example of tent-shaped wooden architecture in Kondopoga. It is a sample of wooden architecture and The UNESCO World Heritage Site. Architectural treatment of old woodworkers emphasizes an idea of “altitude” and make you to feel levitation. The Assumption Church is one of the highest wooden churches in the Russian North. It is 42 m in height.

You will visit Kivach Falls, which is situated in one of the oldest reserves in Russia. Kivach Falls is the most famous fall in Karelia, berhymed as “the North Bogatyr”. In the middle of basaltic cliffs the streams of Suna fall at 11m-height, forming a powerful waterfall and making an impressive noise. The Falls is situated in the “Kivach” Reserve, tourist area includes the Falls, arboretum, the Museum of Nature, The Soldiers Monument, who fell during The Second World War.

You will take a walk on solidified lava of Girvas Volcano. In the neighborhood of Girvas village there is an ancient volcano, which is about 3 billion years old. This volcano used to be active and now it is a geological monument of federal importance.

Dinner in a café.

You will visit the “Marcial Waters” resort – the first Russian resort, 60 km to the north of Petrozavodsk. It was founded by Peter the Great in 1719 on ferriginous mineral springs. Ever since ferriginous water was called “marcial”. You will have an opportunity to taste healing water from 3 different springs and also to see The Apostle Peter Church, which was built in 1721 upon the project of Peter the Great.

17.00 Return to the hotel

19.00 Supper in the Karelian manor!


4th day. The beauty of Onega Lake. – Unitskaya bay.

Breakfast in the hotel.

9.00-10.20 Loop tour. You will learn the history of Petrozavodsk, which was founded by Peter the Great and which is of the same age as St. Petersburg. You will visit the most beautiful historical places of the town – the Cathedral and the Round Squares. You will take a walk along the embankment – one of the favorite places of both citizens and visitors, where you will see “an open-air museum” consisting of the presents from twin cities.

10.30 Departure for Onego Lake cruise.

First you will make a journey in Unitskaya bay – one of the most picturesque places in Karelia. This bay is the biggest one in Onego Lake, it’s about 40 km long. It is also the west water border of the famous Zaonezhye Peninsula. There are a lot of island and cliff faults here – the result of ancient earthquakes. Trees grow here on the sheer cliffs, their roots scramble splits in rocks and remain unsettled, making a fabulous impression.

On the bay shores remain the old villages, full of  the north wooden architecture traditions. Besides the famous „Idols’ glade” (an ancient encampment) with the archeological excavations  is situated here. You can see here the St Nicholas the Wonderworker chapel and unforgettable cliff landscape – the natural boundary “Velemoni” and “Hanging Lakes”

Excursion in Pegrema village – an ancient encampment – “Idols’ glade”.

Our journey starts with the recent past. You will visit Pegrema village. According to one of the versions, this title means “Land of reindeer”. Pegrema is an abandoned village in Medvezhyegorsky District of the Republic of Karelia, Russia, situated on a bank of Lake Onega, about 10 km from Unitsa. This place is regularly visited by seekers of mysticism.

This village is a beautiful example of architectural structures, which remains from 17th century. In the 1770s, the Varlaam Khutynsky chapel was built on a little cape in front of the houses. The chapel remains almost completely intact, although all icons were removed from it after the Russian Revolution.

Here you will also visit an ancient encampment and burial ground – the real open-air museum, which show us the life of ancient inhabitants during 10 000 years! Finally you will go to “Idols’ glade” – the sanctuary. This is a small ground, full of various obsequies monuments and worship idols, related with died ancestors.

Not far from there you can see natural miracles – cliff faults Velemoni and “Hanging Lakes”.

The natural boundary Velemoni.

The development of Pegrema civilization was stopped by the earthquake. It has been proved that about 4000 years ago in this region was a powerful earthquake. Pegrema became “a cursed place” and was abandoned for a long time. The earthquake caused the large Velemoni canyon – a deep fault with a mass of rocks. The walls of canyon are about 15 m tall.

The Pegrema earthquake was berhymed in the epic poetry “Kalevala”.

You will have an opportunity to climb up the mountain to enjoy the view.

20.00-24.00 “Green camp” with fishing and picnic, enjoying sunset and white nights; staying overnight on shipboard.


5th day. “Kizhi Necklace”

7.00-9.00 Breakfast on a shipboard. Arrival at Kizhi Island.

Excursion program of an open-air museum, The Pokrovskaya Church and ethnographic exhibition.

Kizhi island is an island near the geometrical center of the Lake Onega in the Republic of Karelia (Medvezhyegorsky District), Russia. It is elongated from north to south and is about 6 km long, 1 km wide and is about 68 km away from the capital of Karelia, Petrozavodsk.

Settlements and churches on the island were known from at least the 15th century. The population was rural, but was forced by the government to assist development of the ore mining and iron plants in the area that resulted in a major Kizhi Uprising in 1769–1771. Most villages had disappeared from the island by the 1950s and now only a small rural settlement remains. In the 18th century, two major churches and a bell tower were built on the island, which are now known as Kizhi Pogost. In the 1950s, dozens of historical wooden buildings were moved to the island from various parts of Karelia for preservation purposes. Nowadays, the entire island and the nearby area form a national open-air museum with more than 80 historical wooden structures. The most famous is the Kizhi Pogost, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Kizhi is one of the Karelian landmarks.

Transfer to Petrozavodsk.


Price includes:

  • Meals “all inclusive”
  • Transfer
  • Guides
  • Tickets for excursions
  • Hotel (3 days / 2 nights)
  • Accommodation and meals on shipboard
  • Fishing equipment (optional)
36 200 RUR for adults
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